Would expect a project of this physical magnitude to take months or years, but the entire Hemeroscopium House by Anton Garcia was built in just seven days. One can almost feel the weight of the structure just looking at it – reinforced by the giant boulder perched and held on an extended structural member, showing off its strength, and the knowledge that it was assembled in just one week.


These days, we think of prefabrication as a way to complete small, repetitive and simple projects – or ways to assemble things more easily off the beaten path where builders have difficulty reaching. This project turns in a new direction, using prefab approaches as a way to go up in scale on a more typical site.



Simple and geometric as the building may look, its few-but-sizable major structural elements are carefully balanced to deal with loads and set in equilibrium – driven by and driving the overall design. In a way, then, the house is as much about expressing balance as it is about showing the potential for using massive prefabricated structural elements in residential architecture. See it in action: