modular modern concrete home

People think of concrete blocks as inelegant objects for building the most basic of structures – function over form. By stacking a slightly different form of construction block, however, this contemporary concrete house design manages to challenge the common reputation of this cheap home-building material.

modular modern home design

What is often seen as a harsh utilitarian material is almost delicate as it is applied here by JMS with rhythmic openings between structural units to allow light and air to pass through the permeable boundaries of this warm-climage home. These modules are of course easy custom buy in bulk to have shipped, prefabricated and ready-to-assemble, to the site

modular concrete block home

One of the best parts of this scheme, however, is the way in which the modular blocks accommodate additional interior functions – anything from seating to tables and stairs can be slotted into the spaces between each concrete block, inexpensive, transforming furniture and staircase solutions built right the structural core of the house.