What better place to unveil a new water-saving technology than in California, a state that’s constantly had to conserve water through restrictions on use and the creation of water recycling plants? At this year’s Dwell on Design convention in downtown Los Angeles, Hansgrohe did exactly that, debuting their luxurious new Axor Montreux collection and inviting attendees to try some of their products out. At their interactive “fountain” display booth, the company gave Dornob a hands-on introduction to its newest faucet and shower head fixtures.
Hansgrohe Display Hansgrohe - Overhead Shower Head
If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Hansgrohe knows how to make some quality shower heads. The company has been working in bathroom fittings for over 116 years, and that experience is reflected in their products. Ryan Ramaker, Hansgrohe’s Director of Product Development, says, “Hansgrohe has a rich history of innovation and a long-time commitment to sustainability. Our vast offering meets the strictest water conservation legislation in the nation, such as the CEC legislation in California and Colorado.” Ramaker stresses that while efficiency is one of the company’s key considerations when it comes to product design, it is not its only consideration. He explains, “More than just flow restrictors, our products are well-engineered, powerful solutions that deliver a voluminous, luxurious shower.
Hansgrohe - Wall-Mounted Shower Head
Part of the quality engineering he’s referring to is the company’s “EcoRight” technology. EcoRight taps and showers use up to 60 percent less water than standard plumbing fixtures, meaning big savings on your utility bills!
Hansgrohe - Overhead Shower Head
All of the company’s low-flow, high-efficiency shower heads have been equipped with powerful jets for an ultra-relaxing shower experience. Each one of Hansgrohe’s new “Raindance Select” hand showers provides a different effect: “Rain AIR” gives you the feeling of being caught in a relaxing rain shower, and its sibling,”Rain,” produces a much stronger, storm-like spray. The “Chroma Select” blows those models out of the water with its “Intense Rain” mode, which the company describes as an “intensive spray to wash away all the stress from the head and shoulders” — the perfect remedy for a tough day at work. Looking for a softer spray? The fixtures’ built-in “Select” system makes switching between settings as easy as pushing a button. One setting that really intrigued us was “Whirl.” Hansgrohe is billing it as a “gushing massage” whose “rotating helix spray wanders over the skin, just like a masseur’s fingers.”
Hansgrohe - Handheld Shower Head
Of course, Hansgrohe has done much more than build a variety of spray modes into its fixtures. It’s also designed a few different mounting styles for customers to choose from. In addition to a traditional wall-mount, the company is currently offering wall bar, handheld nozzle, and overhead options. The best part is, all of these Axor fittings boast a durable finish that makes them highly resistant to water spots and scratches.
Hansgrohe - Overhead Shower Head

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While it’s clear that Hansgrohe wants to combine beauty and efficiency in our homes, its water preservation efforts should not be forgotten. Hansgrohe has been one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense partners for ten years now, and it sponsors projects that promote sustainable water management policies in India, Haiti, and other developing countries around the world.