Levitating lamps sound a bit light science fiction, but they have been around – in real-world settings – for many years. These hover lamps, made by a company called Crealev, contain LEDs and work with electromagnetic technology, making them not only a stunning addition to a home but also low energy consumers.

Crealev’s two new models blend the classic aesthetic of the table lamp with the high-tech functionality of a floating home object. The Silhouette is the more traditional of the new designs, recalling a sophisticated lamp with a decidedly futuristic top side.

The Eclipse is more modern in design, featuring a graceful glass base with a straight-sided shade and the company’s characteristic levitating, spinning top.

Crealev’s mission is to bring the fantastically interesting hover aesthetic into homes – and not just in lighting. Lest you think that these levitating tops are all an illusion, this video shows one of the lamps in action, its top floating like magic above the rest of the lamp.