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What started with a single model of hover-lamp has evolved into an entire collection of floor and table lights that use levitation technologies in creative ways … and yes, these are absolutely real (as the video below will demonstrate).

The common theme (aside from being suspended in mid-air, of course) is a kind of design evolution, from the reuse of classic lamp styles to new forms that really show off the potential of futuristic anti-gravity capabilities in everyday applications.

Crealev is a company that specializes in strange and innovative magnetic levitations, by no means limited to lighting. However, if you can pardon the pun, these particular designs really bring the possibilities home, starting with slight modifications of traditional forms and evolving into avant garde abstractions.

In some cases, the light is directed downward, making full use of the fact that the sides of a shade stop before the surface below. In others, the shades are ‘cut’ midway with their top portions left to drift upward in an uncanny fashion. ?Aside from their own designs, Crealev also sells various styles and sizes of hover modules for those artists and industrial designers who might wish to go their own way with a do-it-yourself floating home object.