kitty kasa house

Create a custom cat condominium with enough beds and play areas for your feline friends with this adorable modular housingset. Each of the three cubs, the bedroom, gym and recreation area, are available in a range of colors and fit perfectly together either side-by-side or vertically stacked.

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kitty kasa cat house

‘Kitty Kasa’ offers full-service modular pet housing for as many cats as you’d like. Use just one of each for a single cat, or build your very own cat city if you’re aspiring for crazy cat person status. The ‘gym’ module features a scratching post while the ‘recreation’ module has a hanging mouse to bat around.

kitty kasa orange scratcher
kitty kasa white

Of course, no condo would be complete without a kitchen, dining room and restroom; those three modules will be released later in the year to expand Kitty Kasa into a sculptural portable cat home that can be configured any way you like.

kitty kasa play

Design firm Studio Mango developed the housing set in collaboration with the ARNI Foundation, a non-profit organization that rescues animals that have been abused, and transfers pets from local kill shelters to no-kill shelters. All proceeds from these products go directly to the foundation.

“Kitty Kasas were born out of a necessity to find functional, durable, modern, stylish, and easily cleanable cat furniture for shelters. (Yes, even shelter cats need a cool place to live!) With the struggle to keep so many cat beds and scratch posts clean and free from fleas and other yuck, shelters really needed something that they could rely on for their hundreds of visitors day in and day out. “

kitty kasa stack

“Fast forward to 20 years of tried and tested product development – Kitty Kasas aren’t just for shelters anymore! Our line of products range from bedrooms, gyms, and recreation, with enhancements and more products being developed. And they’re for our awesome cat-loving customers and their furbabies! Virtually indestructible, cute, easy to assemble, and available in a variety of colors, Kitty Kasas is where it’s at for your cat!”