goldtatze modular cat play system

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Cat lovers sometimes like to say that their cats are the real masters of the house – but if that’s true, why is everything in the house made for people? Designer Stefan Hofmann looked at his home from his indoor cat’s perspective and designed a line of furniture and play areas just for furry feline friends.

gold paw cat play system

wall nest and platform

Goldtatze (or Gold Paw) consists of lots of modular parts that can be put together to create custom play areas just for kitties. Climbing posts, wall platforms, and long walkways give cats lots of space to stretch their legs and get their daily exercise.

cat playground

kitty walkway from below

The Goldtatze system is modular in nature, allowing pet owners to pick and choose the components that fit well in their homes and that their cats will love. If any cat we’ve ever met is an indication, the high-up and ceiling-mounted parts are a favorite hangout spot. Cats love to explore and climb, and the Goldtatze system gives indoor cats the daily exercise they need.

cat walkway

ceiling hammock

An entire kitty cat playground may sound like it would be impossible to fit into an apartment or a small home, but since most of the items are wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted they take up little to no floor space. The Goldtatze pieces can be used independently or, as seen in the photos, combined to create one mega play place for little Whiskers.