cat friendly climbing

Cat-friendly built-ins are not an entirely new phenomena, but few clients go so far out of their way to include their feline friends not only in their architectural plans but interior photographs as well.

cat house climbing space

Hey!Cheese is a photography, art and design collective in Taipei, Taiwan – the group managed to fit a cat into most of their shots of these living, dining and kitchen spaces.

cat space in context

Some of the structures, like the scratching post, ramps and walls are explicitly cat features – in other instances, cat-friendly sofas and other feline favorites, like laptops, simply make their way into the picture.

cat centric interior spaces

cat home hall walls

But even without the cat involved, the design stands on its own as well – so while a later buyer might be puzzled by the ramping bookshelves, they are also aesthetically interesting enough to work, even without a furry friend playing on them. That, or perhaps a ferret, chinchilla or rat would find them fun as well.