Michel de Broin is a Montreal-born Berlin-based installation artist whose work confronts ordinary objects and everyday situations in strange new ways. This project at the Villa Merkel in Germany plays on the overwhelming role automobiles have had in shaping contemporary culture in very recent history. The juxtaposition of modern symbols of vehicular movement and classic interior designs is stark and thought-provoking.
The arrows are much like those we see on the roadway – brightly lit, large and rectilinear. They point us where to go and tell us what to do if we wish to follow them – but placed in this new context they seem novel and strange once more, as they likely would have to us just a few generations ago.
His work also questions the boundaries of art and architecture in an age of movement. Where does the art installation begin and the building end – when does interior design become art? Conceptually, his idea plays with boundaries and movement in novel ways as shown in the conceptual artistic sketch below.