active rings

Some married men don’t wear a wedding ring because they’re up to no good, but others skip the hardware because it can be dreadfully dangerous in everyday life. Certain jobs or hobbies can make the wedding ring a hazard, but putting it on and taking it back off is hard thanks to men’s large knuckles.

active rings 2

Designer and machinist Jeff McWhinney set out to create a safer wedding band that could easily be taken off and put back on – and it looks really, really cool. The Active Ring features a hinged opening mechanism that allows it to open with a simple motion and quickly clamp back into place.

active rings 3

The safety factor comes mostly from the fact that the Active Ring can achieve a closer fit than most other men’s wedding rings. Because they don’t have to be large enough to fit over the knuckle, McWhinney’s rings can fit flush with the finger, eliminating nasty catches and painful squeezes. It’s what the designer calls “the naked feel,” and it has the potential to make a lot of spouses stop nagging their husbands to wear their wedding bands.