The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has forced billions of people to spend more time at home, resulting in a significant uptick in home improvement projects. Even those who haven’t dug into house-related tasks before are suddenly finding themselves spending hours scouring interior design blogs. A particularly great way to see what’s trendy right now is Instagram, who alone boasts millions of pages and hashtags dedicated to furniture and decor styles.

Household Quotes Breaks Down the Decor Mini-Trends Taking Over Instagram.

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Design trends might not be anything new in the social media realm, but Household Quotes, a website dedicated to saving homeowners and renters money on home repairs, recently reviewed over three million Instagram posts in search of the world’s most popular “mini-trends.” Rather than centering around generalized design elements related to things like retro, industrial, or rustic aesthetics, mini-trends bring the details into focus. That means looking at all the little things that pull the overall look together in a cohesive way.

By analyzing the most commonly used hashtags in reference to topics concerning color combinations, shapes, textures, and patterns, the company quickly noticed 15 mini-trends rise to the top of the Instagram conversation. Then then used that information to put together an interactive map showing where each one was most popular across the world, in the U.K., and in the United States.

So what exactly are these mini-trends?

Young girl loses herself in a world of beautiful line art.

The number one spot, with over 6.3 million references, is line art. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, think of a pencil sketch. Line art refers to drawings made from definitive curved or straight lines, with little else added. It’s a clean and minimalistic art form that’s apparently a staple in interior design, or at least according to those design-heads who share their passions on Instagram.


The second-place mini-trend, with 3,904,035 posts, is houseplants. This one isn’t surprising considering the ongoing popularity of plants both inside and outside the home. Still, plants are often some of the most overlooked components when it comes to putting together a room design on paper. Even in the mental layout, sofas, beds, and other larger pieces of furniture take precedence. It’s as if people only recently started realizing that houseplants equate to naturally clean indoor air, a serene sense of calm, and an unbeatable connection to the outdoors.

Polka Dots

In a mini-trend that seems to always come and go, polka dots are back again in a big way, with Household Quotes finding 2,981,906 nods to them in their research. This pattern is timeless and seems to have a place carved out alongside the likes of iconic prints like plaid and paisley.

Chic diffuser in a modern decor scheme

While houseplants do offer a higher level of oxygen inside the home, diffusers still reign supreme for creating the ambiance in a space. With 1,210,815 hashtags promoting them right now, it’s safe to say that this mini-trend is pretty representative of the amount of time people are spending in their homes this year.

Dried flowers

Next on the list was dried flowers (1,031,468), nearly as commonly referenced as diffusers but well below houseplants. It just goes to show how much people love being surrounded by natural elements at all times, even inside their homes.

Soft wooden decor pieces made for lovely contemplative spaces in the home.

Ultramodern white kitchen island

Granite Countertops

Wood decor is another ubiquitous and ever-present trend with 558,556 mentions, and kitchen islands (496,315) aren’t too far behind. Granite countertops are also still showing up as a prominent mini-trend, racking up a notable 192,016 mentions.

Laid-back rattan chair in a breezy interior

Geometric brass lamps like these make for tasteful modern additions to almost any home

Bold wall patterns in bedroom settings.

Bold wall patterns in bedroom settings.

When it comes to materials within the home, rattan furniture (166,355) and mixed metals (131,456) are holding steady, along with #patternmixing, which continues to be of significant interest to some 130,423 users.

Supe cozy-looking love seat

Crushed Velvet Throw Pillows atop a blue love seat

Loveseats are in nearly every home, but not all loveseats are created equal. Even though they garnered 116,596 mentions, at least part of those posts overlapped with crushed velvet (116,205), which is apparently also making a popularity comeback. This is especially true in Britain, where 61.97 percent of all #crushedvelvet uses originated.

Living Wall

Wall Tapestry

Rounding out the top 15 are living walls at 110,758 mentions (itself a subset of the houseplants subset), and tapestries with 98,856.

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