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All-in-one bedroom packages that take up minimal floor space while offering as many functions as possible just keep getting more and more clever. Even the tiniest rooms with inadequate existing closets can fit the average person’s belongings comfortably when they’re organized with a compact furniture set like the Container Bed by Italian manufacturer Dielle. 

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Designed for apartments that lack storage space, this set is packed with just about everything you need to keep close at hand. Lift up the bed on its hinges, and you’ll find a roughly waist-height hidden closet area with two sections for hanging garments and shelves for folded clothes, shoes, suitcases, extra bedding and other items. There are even narrow shelves just high enough for jewelry and gloves.

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With the bed up, the space is tall enough to stand in, but items are still accessible via a small door if you need to get in while someone’s sleeping. The modular design includes a set of stairs and a landing on either side of the bed, all modular so you can arrange the elements to fit the space available.

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These stairs and landings function as small dressers for even more storage, and optional additions include vertical wardrobe cabinets and bookcases that fit behind the head of the bed.

“From the container bed to the ‘Container-bed’. A young and informal solution for the contemporary home. A bed placed in the upper part allows the formation of a dressing room space obtained under the bed surface, which can be raised for easy access. More than three cubic meters of extra space to be organized freely. Lifting the bed surface equipped with a gas mechanism reveals a large space that can be equipped as desired with shelves and clothes hanger tubes.”

“Plenty of space for the home archive … But also to socialize! Container makes it possible to recover four square meters of space that are transformed into 3.2 cubic meters of containment. A great design advantage that translates into a more rewarding dimension and a better organized space. Space is never enough! And the container ascent is an effective and integrated response in the volume to contain. Wardrobe and walk-in modules complete the wall-mounted proposal with open compartments for bed service. In a relatively small size, all the basic functions of the sleeping area are aggregated.”

“The side access to the cabin elements allows you to compact the multifunctional compositions that can be placed in any space. Under the bed, the space is modulated with compartments of variable dimensions, shelves and clothes hanger elements, ideal for any intended use.”