modular living rooms by tumidei

The living room is the hub of most modern homes, and as such it typically houses the most impressive furniture. But most of us don’t have much control over how our furniture is able to fit together, or fit the space. If you want a fully customizable home, you should look toward solutions like these amazing modular living rooms. Italian furniture manufacturer Tumidei created these modern spaces using their clever Laltrogiorno furniture system.

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modular living rooms by tumidei wall unit

The layouts show exactly how versatile a modular, customized interior can be. These rooms vary in size and decor, but the one thing that remains constant is the way the Laltrogiorno components are tweaked to create fully personalized layouts.

modular living rooms by tumidei wall shelves

Components in a modular interior like these can be manipulated to take on whatever size, shape and function is needed. Have an enormous book collection? Prefer to spend the weekend watching your favorite movies? Modules can be added, moved and taken away to create exactly the storage and useful space your home needs.

modular living rooms by tumidei system

Possible combinations include the standard up against the wall entertainment center configuration and more creative layouts involving components suspended on the walls.

modular living rooms by tumidei customizable
modular living rooms by tumidei red beige

Other possibilities for this or any modular furniture system include forming partial or complete room dividers. Looking through the shelves from one room to the next gives a rather dramatic view of both your belongings and your home.

modular living rooms by tumidei room divider

About Tumidei

“Founded in 1958 in Predappio di Romagna, Tumidei has over 60 years of experience. In this time span, people all over the world have radically changed their idea of home, family life and, consequently, of interior design. The ongoing research for extremely sophisticated, consumer driven solutions for interior design is one of Tumidei’s success factors and the reason for the Company’s well-pondered and consistent growth.”

modular living rooms by tumidei layout

“Tumidei is now a state-of-the-art business with about 100 employees and 15.000 sqm premises, where the production chain is managed at its best, guaranteeing top quality products. Tumidei is certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (safety).”