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Sorry, lion and witch sold separately. ?Still, the stage is set much like many of us imagined when we read the children’s classic as kids: a dark-painted room with wood-trimmed windows and antique wooden furniture, with a large dresser that looks strangely both foreboding and inviting.

Maple Seed Renovation specializes in custom projects, seeking “the balance of excellent design, well-executed craftsmanship, and natural materials” ?- hence, it should come as no surprise that the hidden space fits so beautifully in its context, and could be ‘just another vintage furnishing’ in this home.

Within the dresser, there is an opening to the recreational space beyond but also shelves on one side to store games and toys that the children can take with them when they enter, and still leave ‘inside’ when they exit. It may not be Narnia, but it could be as close as reality gets.

Other hidden doors and secret rooms come in many forms, from the classic fold-open bookcase (concealing closets or entire interior spaces) to sideways-sliding shelves and door-like hinged paintings.