Even if you are a relative technology novice, the chances are good that you have at least one technology gadget with you every day – and all of its associated accessories. Add to that your normal daily pocket-fillers like pens, gum, matches, ear buds and whatever else is important to keep on you, and you’ve got a whole jumble of stuff.

Cocoon launched the GRID-IT Wrap to help you wrangle all of that clutter with a minimum amount of frustration. The design is enticingly simple: a neoprene wrap holds your iPad, e-reader or MacBook air securely inside and snugly hangs onto the rest of your essentials on the outside.

Elastic straps adorn the exterior and will stretch to accommodate most of the items you would otherwise throw into a purse or laptop bag like power cords, screen wipes and sunglasses. There are no pre-defined places for anything, just a highly customizable “object retention system” that lets you keep your most important stuff close at hand.

The entire GRID-IT slips right into your laptop bag, backpack or briefcase once it is loaded up with your gear. Besides being satisfyingly geeky and suitably stylish, the tough organization system will save countless people from the frustration of finding that lone unwrapped piece of gum sticking to the bottom of their iPads.