Nick Trincia Openaire briefcase desk

When the weather is perfect outside, being stuck in the office is a terrible thing. But how many of us want to balance a laptop on our knees as we sit on a filthy park bench? The Openaire from NICK+BEAU is a very clever solution that integrates a portable workstation into an easily carryable laptop bag.

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Nick Trincia Openahire Briefcase transforming

Openaire has a rather ingenious design that incorporates everything you need to work away from your desk. After you remove the strap, the bag transforms into a small seat and a comfy lap desk complete with a space for a mouse and a space for other accessories.

Openaire transforming briefcase desk
Nick Trincia Openaire Briefcase closed

When it’s all folded up and slung over the shoulder, it looks similar to any other laptop bag. It might be slightly heavier than other bags, but the components all strike a balance between sturdiness and light weight to be the perfect work-away-from-work solution.

Openaire is a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, work surface, and chair. The system consists of a semi-rigid protective sleeve designed as an ergonomic laptop work surface and a protective shell that also functions as a comfortable seat. Together, they offer the portability and comfort to support work anywhere. NICK+BEAU is a collaboration between brothers, Nick and Beau Trincia.”

NIck Trincia Openaire breifcase in grass

Nick Trincia, who also designed popular objects like the Fluid Rocker, explains some of his process in an interview with Yanko Design:

“My process depends on the nature of what I am trying to design and what issues I want it to overcome, but it follows a fairly defined procedure. If there is a specific problem that I am trying to solve, I usually start by researching the problem and determine how the object needs to function in order to overcome the problem. From the function I begin to develop the form, starting with loose gestural sketching and refining as I go.”