Algae energy latro lamp

Pet rocks and Chia pets, move over – or just sit there, as the case may be- here is a home hobby that goes beyond kitsch aesthetics to add functionality to your daily life. Yes, now you can grow your own living, breathing, all-organic lamp with just a little love, care and the occasional fill-up with an outdoor hose or indoor kitchen faucet. Algae energy for the win!

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Algae energy lamp design

Long considered for potential bio-fuel properties, algae can be tapped for low levels of continuous electricity – perfect for the minimal power requirements of an elementary lighting fixture. All it requires is a bit of carbon dioxide, some natural light and water in which to grow – you can even set it outside in the sun then breath into it to give it an extra boost.

Algae energy weird breath

Internal sensors make sure that energy is not drained too quickly from the biomass inside, so setting it outdoors to sit both in daytime sunlight and under night skies should not be a problem – but if you do not have a naturally green thumb, be careful to watch the water and heat levels before you set a world record as the first person to kill a light. Not strange enough for you? Mike Thomson has also designed such things as wifi dowsing rod and a blood-fueled bio-lamp.

Algae energy

More info  on the Latro Lamp via Syn-de-Bio:

“Latro (latin for thief) incorporates the natural energy potential of algae and the functionality of a hanging lamp into its design. Synthesising both nature and technology in one form, Latro is a living, breathing product. Algae are incredibly easy to cultivate, requiring only sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, offering a remarkably simple way of producing energy. Breathing into the handle of the lamp provides the algae with CO2, whilst the side spout allows the addition of water and release of oxygen. Placing the lamp outside in the daylight, the algae use sunlight to synthesize foods from CO2 and water.”