Flat pack designs are in danger of becoming altogether too dominated by stylistic affectations and functionless trends. This refreshingly pragmatic vision for flat pack furniture blends the best qualities a flat pack strategy has to offer: portability, sustainability and modularity. In short: practical, simple and functional elegance.


Each unit in this flat pack collection is designed to be composed of two standard-sized plywood boards folded flat together with a hing holding them together. Selectively punched-out portions of their surfaces can then be bent into configurations that serve individual and joint purposes. They are part furniture, part spatial separator – acting as both object and wall in one.


Many of the flat pack elements of these designs would work as stand-alone furniture objects within a varied interior design. However, they are also intended to form – if desired – a unified series of arrangeable elements, a kind of miniature modular room set to fit any possible furniture need. Best of all, they are light-weight and easy to collapse and reconfigure at will.