frida collection

Flatpack furniture has been a huge benefit for folks who want attractive furniture but don’t have an unlimited budget to buy designer pieces. The Frida stool and side table from Zanocchi & Starke are beautifully simple designs with simply beautiful construction.

kit to make a stool

easy to assemble stool

The stool and table each come in four pieces: two interlocking base pieces, a flat top, and a butterfly screw that holds it all together. Each of the base pieces feature Lego-like pegs that slot into holes in the tops, providing stability that is hard to come by in other flatpack furniture.

stool assembly process

simple screw top

When you’ve fitted all of the pieces together, the butterfly screw twists in through the base pieces. It keeps everything together and provides a cute little punch of color. And unlike most other DIY furniture, the Frida can be taken apart and put together again in your new place without losing any of its structural integrity.

“Frida is a flat pack furniture, very easy and intuitive to assembled. A single butterfly screw locks all the structure rendering the product immediately recognizable and adding a unique colorful touch.  Whoever puts hands onto the quick and simple mounting process will have no trouble at all, getting it steady and still in no time. No instructions are to use. No skills are required.”

simple uncomplicated stools

“Zanocchi & Starke is an award-winning multidisciplinary design and architecture studio, founded in 2013 in Torino by the italian architect Andrea Zanocchi and the brazilian product designer Carolina Starke. The projects of Zanocchi & Starke come from their common passion for design, attention to detail and fusion of different professional and cultural experiences.”

“The daily interaction between people and the product is the starting point of all our work. We do not simply create objects or spaces to be used, but also able to let people happy having them around. We enjoy working with different materials, experiment and combine different manufacturing processes, whether artisanal or industrial.”