Roundabout Bathroom 1

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Modular and all-in-one bathroom systems are becoming increasingly popular, concentrating most of the required fixtures into a small space so the room feels larger. This concept, the Roundabath by Allegory, is a freestanding unit on a triangular concrete base combining a sink, mirror and shower with organizers for various small items.

Roundabout Bathroom 2

By placing the sink and mirror on the other side of the shower partition, the design makes it possible to fit a lot of function into a tiny footprint. Even a bathroom that’s barely larger than the size of an average shower stall would have plenty of places for towels and toiletries.

Roundabout Bathroom 3

Rounded bowls of various sizes and shapes are staggered in height around the basin for easy access to the necessities when you’re getting ready. Contrasting geometric and rounded shapes gives the minimalist setup an almost sculptural appearance.

Roundabout Bathroom 4

Other all-in-one bathrooms save space in similarly innovative ways, like hiding fold-out fixtures in a wall or placing them all on a central axis so you can simply ‘swing’ out the ones you need.