Decorative decals Kodu Design

Kodudesign has made a professional art out of inexpensive interior decor and object decoration, with crisp surface stickers that can turn anything from your laptop to your living room into a unique and colorful work of design. These decorative decals can instantly upgrade any boring surface. From mind-boggling optical illusions and giant refrigerator stickers to wall-mounted canvases and semi-transparent designs, here are some of their most impressive offerings.

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Decorative decals Kodu Design laptops

The company’s latest release is a wonderful combination of individualized decoration and optical illusion – a ‘see-through’ laptop sticker that makes it appear as though your laptop were a transparent surface, with the same image displayed both on your screen and on the back of your computer (a great conversation-starter and double-take-generator in public places). Aren’t you sick of just displaying a company logo everywhere you go?

Decorative decals Kodu Design images

The individual sticker designs by Kodu Design come in every color and pattern combination you can imagine and can be customized to individual needs. More than merely decorations, they provide a protective surface for appliances and a cheap-but-classy way to integrate them visually in with surrounding interior spaces and design elements. No more plain and boring dishwasher or refrigerator.

Decorative decals Kodu Design bedroom

Semi-transparent stickers are available for placing on mirrors and other reflective surfaces, selectively allowing some light through while creating an opaque pattern on the rest of a surface. Canvas-mounted stickers make for easy-and-inexpensive works of wall-mounted two-dimensional art, far cheaper than buying an expensive painting – an expansion of the same printing process simply to a difference surface. What if you used them in a window to let in some light, but create privacy and visual interest?

Decorative decals Kodu Design home surfaces

The proof, however, is always in the product. Shown above are some great examples of client-purchased custom stickers ranging from elegant to snarky, creative to camouflaged, selectively standing out as bold backdrops or blending into the background. See and learn more at Kodu Design dot com.