Arrow wall-mounted coat hook

Communicating meaning or purpose in the most direct way possible is at the core of many a good design – objects this obvious are surprisingly (and unfortunately) elusive, showing how hard it can be to keep things simple. The wall-mounted ‘Here Hook’ from Robert Shed Studio speaks for itself, using a few angles to form a familiar shape directing guests to drape their coats, scarves and hats along the wall on the way in.

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Arrow wall-mounted coat hook Richard Shed white

One part of the arrow provides a mounting surface and structural stability while the other two prongs are both hangable points shooting off at two angels, but taken together they form a universal symbol that spans between languages and cultures. Simply put: clever. Another variant on the theme by Nick Leigh is shown below – even easier to install, though a bit more visually complex.

Arrow wall-mounted coat hook Nick Leigh horizontal
Arrow wall-mounted coat hook Nick Leigh vertifal

The Vertical Coat Hook is ideal for narrow small spaces and can carry several items effectively. Nick Leigh’s beautifully designed coat hook has been cleverly cut and folded from a single piece of metal. A Coat Hook is a fantastic combination of an aesthetically pleasing composition, subtle humour and efficient material use.”

Arrow wall-mounted coat hook Nick Leigh

About designer Nick Leigh: 

“’I always start with an idea to design something that I want or need. I like to develop products that are useful in day-to-day life and have lasting aesthetic value. Materials and proportion typically drive my ideas along with smart economical manufacturing – to me good design doesn’t have to be expensive.’ Nick launched ‘A Coat hook’ at 100% Design Tokyo 2007, a humorous spin on a very practical household object. Who knows what’ll appear next from his ‘shed’ under the house.’

Arrow wall-mounted coat hook Richard Shed

About designer Richard Shed:

“I am a senior designer, researcher and strategist with 20 years experience in the fields of product, service and interaction design. Applying a human-centered and creative approach, I work with business to design and develop new products, services and experiences. I tend to work across a diverse range of industries including tourism, fmcg, airline, legal services, media and personal computing. My background is in product, spatial and interaction design, check out the archive section.”