What could be more dull, urban, ugly and utilitarian than wire-mesh fences, right? Wrong – at least when it comes to these crazy and creative patterned fence designs. Beyond merely ornamental, these woven wire wonders are awesome works of welded art.

Dutch designers of Demakersvan (which translates to: “the makers of”) started this idea as a design thesis project but it has since started to go into mass-production for commercial and home use due to popular appeal.

Combining the delicate decorative appeal of lace and the polar-opposite aesthetic of rugged wire fencing, these works of bent steel are like functional and appealing versions of boring large-scale metal artwork you see at office buildings.

Demakersvan have worked on all kinds of industrial, product and furniture products, but this piece in particular seems to bridge gaps between design disciplines – a fence that is more about inviting interaction than it is about diving spaces. So what comes next? One-off conceptual works have already given way to repeating patterns available for retail sale. If they start taking on barb-wire variants or designing electric-shock versions there may be no end to what these innovators can create.