There are some uses for which plastic might remain necessary well into the future, no matter how much we want to help the Earth. Medical supplies, for instance, and materials that need to remain sanitary in transit — though one would hope that we can eventually find biodegradable alternatives for those, too.

Equilibric! vacuum-sealed lids fit all kinds of containers and keep your food fresh longer.

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For many people, plastic necessities include packaging that helps keep food fresh, because food waste is just as big of an environmental problem as pollution. Americans waste an incredible 150,000 tons of food each and every day — about a pound of food wasted for every person in the country. Most of it is thrown away because it’s spoiled.

But if you look beyond the convenient plastic wrap and disposable zip-top bags found at your local grocery store, there are plenty of ways to make food last. Products that use vacuum seals without the need for disposables might even keep food fresher for longer than ever, and all without the environmental impact.

A small pump is used to suck the air out of whatever container the Equilibric! lid might be covering.

“Equilibric Vacuum Lids” are a new offering that aim to be just as convenient and easy to use as conventional methods, but with much better results. It’s a set of universal vacuum-suction “Freshy” lids that remove all the air from your food containers. The accompanying automatic pump takes just five seconds to “seal your meal” using a small motor.

The process prevents bacteria buildup, prevents oxidation caused by exposure to oxygen, and seals in just the right amount of moisture so food doesn’t dry out. The special silicone sealant on the lids also lets them fit almost all dishes, pots, pans, coffee containers, and drinking glasses. The three sizes fit any diameter from five to 40 centimeters (about two to 15 inches), and they’re dishwasher safe.

Equilibric! Vacuum Lids can fit containers of nearly every size!

“Freshy! is a technologically advanced universal vacuum lid [that uses a] special silicone coating to form a vacuum seal with just about any size container, dish, or pan. Freshy! is so fast and so easy to use. Once the lid is placed on top of the container, you simply attach the hand-held turbo pump to the lid and in seconds, the air is pumped out of the container, allowing you to keep food fresher, tasting better, and [lasting] up to seven times longer than [it would in] a regular plastic container.”

“Equilibric! is here to put an end to food waste and to help stretch your food dollars by fighting off food’s number one enemy of spoilage — air (oxygen). The air left in a container that food is stored in can cause food spoilage in several ways. It can help bacteria grow and it can cause damage to foods by oxidation (the same process that makes metal rust). When it comes right down to it, Equilibric! preserves your food by preventing the growth of mold or bacteria. It’s those things that make food spoil. And by removing oxygen, mold and bacteria can’t grow.”

An Equilibric! vacuum lid and pump make quick work of storing fresh salmon.

Young woman preps fresh veggies and stores them using her Equilibric! lids to enjoy later.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most obvious foods to use with the Equilibric set, but leftovers, coffee, chips, cookies, and other snack foods can benefit, too. As a bonus, the set’s included drink cap even works on bottles of wine.

Check out the Equilibric Kickstarter Campaign for more information on backing the project and preordering in the future.