Modern cat house design

Cats are fickle creatures, but you should not have to sacrifice some sense of style to accommodate them – at least not when they will be purr-fectly happy in something that fits your aesthetic and their functional needs.

When it comes to pet houses, dogs tend to have all the fun. But cats love to have shelters all their own, too, especially if they have shapes that are similar to their beloved cardboard boxes. This design for a modern DIY cat house is so simple, yet so practical and cute.

Cute modern DIY cat house

Cat house with a loft

The Cathouse by Leo Kempf features a sheltered front stoop made of scratch-friendly cardboard and a second floor with a sheepskin rug and removable plexiglass front window. It’s like giving your cat their very own hip loft from which to gaze out and judge your every move.

Modern cat house with scratching pad front porch

The interior of the cute modern cat house (accessible via a discreetly hidden rear ramp) even has its own oddly adorable decor;  miniature cat portrait paintings adorn the wood grained walls, all within a neat and tidy Modernist white box. Imagine how great it would look on the front porch of a house built in a similar style — or just in your own living room, regardless of what kind of decor you might prefer.

Here’s what the designer has to say about his pet friendly creation:

“Leo Kempf designed this cat house in 2008. Olive the cat enters through a door in the bottom side and then ascends a ramp, which boosts her to the upper level. The front wall is plexi-glass, the floor is 2.5 inch thick old sheepskin rug, and Rachel Kempf hand painted some art that hang on the walls. There is a large cardboard scratching porch. Cats love to scratch and relax on cardboard. The top is removable and the glass slides out for maintenance.”