Wanneke Dog Houses

Clever, kitsch or simply too much? There are some pet owners who will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure their animals enjoy the same luxuries as they do, but can pets really appreciate this kind of high-end animal-oriented design by Wannekes?

Suitcase Dog House

Suitcase Dog House with owner & dogs

The Travel Dog House is a “luxury ceramic dog house by Marco Morosini for Bosa.” While it is a bit overdone from a stylistic standpoint, you have to admit that this pet suitcase carrier is at least kind of functional. After all, it lifts and moves like normal carrying case, though it would be nice if the dog’s entrance closed securely for transportation.  If you love this idea, it would also be pretty easy to DIY with an old suitcase and a soft dog bed.

Caravan dog house

Caravan Dog House in use

The Caravan Dog House looks like a decorative object for people who love retro campers, but it’s got a dual purpose pampering dog owners will love. Definitely more for the owners than the pet, this portable dog house design is of course intended to look like a simplified miniature version of a classic mobile home. The designers describe it thusly: “Luxury ceramic Caravan dog house by Marco Morosini. Italian designer dog bed for the pampered and spoiled dog. Great modern contemporary stuff for dogs!”

Dog bone chair legs

Perhaps more functional than the portable dog houses featured above, how about a chewable bone-shaped toy to wrap around your pet’s favorite table so they won’t damage the leg itself?

Sure, these designs are a little over the top for the average dog owner, but we all know those people who call their dogs their children and refer to themselves in the third person as “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Maybe you’re even one of those people. No judgment! Dogs are precious and they deserve cool stuff, too.