cardboard modular play set poopy cat
You know the irritated feeling you get after you buy your feline friend a brand new playhouse, only to find him minutes later playing instead with the box it came in? Dutch company Poopy Cat is making it okay for Mr. Whiskers to play around in boxes by introducing a kitty play system made completely of cardboard boxes.
poopy cat blocks playhouse
The system is called Boxes, and it’s basically a set of building blocks for you to play with until you get tired of them – and then your cat can crawl around in them. You can take them apart, rearrange the blocks, and unfold them so you can store them flat in a closet when you need to free up some floor space.
blocks play house poopy cat
Each piece is made from recycled cardboard that can be recycled again once the playhouse has reached the end of its usable life. The kits contain several different sizes and types of chambers for your cat to play in and tunnels to walk through. An assembled kit sort of looks like a hamster play set with tons of places to hide, sleep, and covertly bat at your legs as you walk by.
blocks modular cardboard play set for cats

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Blocks comes packed flat and ready for you to fold together. The cardboard components are super-strong and you can paint or draw on them to personalize them. The Blocks system is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash for their initial production run, and as of publication time they have raised nearly three times their initial goal.