You may remember his large-scale interior mural work … but EVOL has also taken his fantastic art to the streets as well, wallpapering odds, ends and eyesores of the urban landscape of his native Berlin with building patterns, making little cities out of ordinary utility boxes, street planters and more.

Much like the Modernist housing blocks after which his pasted-on photo prints are patterned, these are not always considered artworks and are often ‘demolished’ by authorities who see them as vandalism rather than creative graffiti.

So the source architecture is widely recognized as ugly – particularly by those who have had to live in such drab modern concrete box-housing projects.

The question remains: is the art derived from these real-life photographs of boring buildings ultimately beautiful, disturbing, or (perhaps better than both) a thought-provoking commentary on the tension between what we find pleasing and ugly from one time or scale to the next?