architectural art mural

As your eye drifts right across the image, a strange sense of vertigo arises as a dull, familiar and repetitive gray concrete-and-glass facade gives way to a mind-blowing montage of eccentric proportions – an information overload that short-circuits our built-in mental pattern recognition software (and just imagine it at full size).

architectural art murals

No, you have not gone insane … though you might if you look too long at this giant 10-by-40-foot wall mural by EVOL, part of an art exhibition in Paris. The little potted plants in front of the ‘building’ give you some sense of scale, but not much.

architectural abstract mural

The combination of rough-textured surface materials, spilled gray paint and clipped window photographs make this piece convincing even up close – except for the odd outlet sticking through here or there … or most notably: the giant crunch-point created where an existing steel ceiling beam seems to have dropped in through the roof.