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Everyone who has had contact with artists and designers knows that, to one degree or another, art and design are often as much about process as they are about product. A built environment, be it public or private, is the culmination of many factors interacting over time. With BLU, it is about the intersection: as these videos show, his incredible stop-motion graffiti films are themselves the finished works as much the uncanny drawings he creates.

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A compilation of some of his most famous and compelling work, this series of graffiti stop-motion animations is nothing short of amazing. A white figure crawls from battered bricks and leaves a trail of paint wherever it goes, morphing and twisting along the street-side wall as it goes. As his works move along they transform unpredictably and become uncanny new creatures and interactive objects.

One could easily pass by the final product of this process and in at first glance pass it off as a crude sketch, albeit at giant scale. However, seeing it evolve in motion as a work of gigantic graffiti brings home its brilliance and watching this video makes it almost seem more like a performance piece than a work of flat two-dimensional art.

The Evolution of Men is a still shot, a two-dimensional panoramic, but like his other drawings it also deals with change over time – an incredible sequence showing each stage in this altered view of adaptation, change and growth through various known and unknown species in and out of the actual evolutionary chain of mankind, splayed across hundreds of feet of public wall surface.