house in the clouds in landscape

The history of this water-tower-turned-house is a strange one. First, it was indeed a water tower to begin with – just one that was built to look like a house in the sky to provide the locals with, well, something more interesting to look at. It became an architectural staple – a structural oddity that persisted over time.

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The 'House in the Clouds' Thorpeness, Suffolk
The ‘House in the Clouds’ Thorpeness, Suffolk

The home is known as “House in the Clouds,” and it’s located in Thorpeness, Suffolk, England. Built in 1923, it used to pump water from the Thorpeness Windmill. It was a functional water tower, but the locals wanted it to blend in more with the local architecture, so they had it disguised in their town’s signature mock-Tudor style.

Hoouse in the Clouds in landscape
house in the clouds garden view

Over time, however, its usefulness as an actual water tower came to an end – but the locals were never at a loss as to what to do with this strange architectural curiosity. Indeed, it was bought and converted into a real house – outfitted with windows, stairs and everything else to provide the new home owner with what has to be one of the best views for miles around.

house in the clouds spiral stairs
House in the Clouds living room

More info via Country Living:

“Over time, Thorpeness was connected to a main water supply and the town had no need for its own water tower anymore. But the House in the Clouds lives on as a vacation home, perfect for anyone looking to add some whimsy to their next getaway. The interior is now made up of five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a game room—all of which you’ll find as you walk up five flights of stairs. The ‘room at the top’ even claims to offer the finest views of Suffolk.”

House in the Clouds sign

Intrigued? You can spend a night (or five) there yourself! Check out the House in the Clouds website to book a dreamy vacation in this odd but very fun spot.