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What if we said you could have delicious homemade pizza on the table as quickly as speed-dialing your local pizza place for take-out? The inventor behind Ironate promises no-oven pizza in a fraction of the time it takes to bake one, cooked on your stovetop or over a campfire.

The Ironate team have upgraded and modernized traditional cooking methods for the fast and furious world we live in today. “We’ve forgotten how to use the cookware made by our great grandfathers and we’ve forgotten many recipes and methods taught by our great grandmothers,” the designers say. “At Ironate, we want to bring back what our ancestors already knew about cooking for generations and improve it with modern materials and manufacturing techniques.”

The pan’s design draws on the traditional wood-fired brick oven. The bottom is made from a special steel that is only 1/4-inch thick, yet holds and conducts heat even more efficiently than the old-school bricks. Just preheat for seven minutes; then, put your pizza dough on the pan and slide the special top over it. Believe it or not, the pan reaches an inside temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit in under 10 minutes, the company says, which rivals the heat of a commercial pizza oven.

ironate cooking over an outdoor range

cooking with ironate over campfire

“The top of Ironate is designed to quickly soak up the energy from your stove and radiate intense heat into the crust and toppings to ensure evenly cooked pizza in just three minutes,” the inventor explains.

Ironate is made just the right size to cook frozen pizzas too, for those nights when unexpected guests stop by or you get home late from work. The fast cooking process keeps even frozen pizza light and chewy, not dried out the way it tends to get in the regular oven.

Of course, the high heat system is versatile as well. You can remove the wooden handles and put the Ironate in the oven or over an open fire if you want, and the company says you can use the top on its own like a pizza stone in the oven. Or, in case you ever get tired of pizza (we know; that’s a ridiculous thought), you can plop a marinated steak inside to sear and brown the outside while sealing in all of those tasty juices. Veggie fan? Slice vegetables, toss them in, and close the lid and they’ll cook through in a snap. Just boost the heat for a minute at the end to brown them a little. You can even whip up a quick omelet!

serving from ironate hot plate

ironate cooking fish

Traditional cookware was made to last for generations, and Ironate aims to follow that lead. The carbon steel body is hand-welded, then coated with vegetable oil to season it and protect it from rust. All you have to do is wipe it with oil every now and then. The wooden handles are made with locally sourced oak or beech wood, and you can get custom engraving on them for an extra charge.

When you order, the Ironate even arrives in a box that’s handmade from untreated softwood boards to keep things green. The company prides itself on not using artificial inks either, and laser-engraves its logos.