While made of wood rather than stone, and not quite pyramids per say (more like three-dimensional triangles), these designs are still inspired by the megalithic architecture of ancient Egypt in more than one dimension. Scalable sides are the innovative key here: hatches that allow access to each level directly from the climbable exterior shell.

Like its ancient architectural forerunners, these small-scale versions have scalable sides – in this case more manageable in size. Rather than a a stepped side/roof system, a series of intentional spaces in the exterior wood slats double as handhold and foothold slots.

Double-duty combination door-and-window elements (disguised as part of the roof surface) flip up to let in light, air and even people on all levels while leaving some areas more secluded than others. There is also potential for expanding these lengthwise to accommodate multi-family housing and/or larger-community functions.

Three floors accommodate a central guest/child sleeping level sandwiched in between the private top story (for master bedroom and bathroom) and public first story (containing kitchen and living room). The triangular taper works well with this concept, leaving less (and more-enclosed) space on each level progressing upwards to the top.

VisionDivision envisions each unit in its Peak Series catering to the climate of a particular country or region, with prefabricated variants suited from cold springs and hot summers, dry desert plots, wet water-side sites and snow-topped mountain-peak properties – the ultimate vacation home for any season or location you can imagine.