lilililte on wall wood modern shelf

Lamps and books are virtually inseparable within a house, so why not build a home for both in the same furniture design move? The Lili Lite lamp bookshelf automates things a step further: when you lift your open book off the top of the lamp portion the light turns on, and when you are finished reading and put it back (still open to the new page you are reading) it turns back off.

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lilililte on wall book light for bed

In addition to the combination lamp/shelf device there is additional storage for more books – a side angled shelving area to accommodate volumes you haven’t gotten to yet, which also provides visual balance to the overall pinwheel composition of the entire set. All in all, for just over a hundred dollars this is quite a clever and useful shelving system for any avid reader.

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lilililte on wall

“Introducing the ultimate, multifunctional product for reading in bed: LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light and bookmark in one. When you pull your book from the wooden peak a sensor automatically turns the lamp on. LiliLite illuminates your book from the perfect angle. When you finish reading and put the book back on the peak it doubles as a bookmark. The sensor now automatically switches off the light again. LiliLite makes your bedroom clutter free and is a great space saver.”

lilililte on wall bed lamp

“LiliLite was invented by Dutch designer Thijs Smeets and his bookloving girlfriend Liedewij. She was always adjusting the bed lamp to get better lighting and piling her books on top of her nightstand and the floor. Together they came up with the ultimate product for reading in bed. LiliLite helps to keep the bedroom clutter free, stores a stash of books at arms length and makes reading in bed extra comfortable by providing light from a perfect angle.”

“Thijs and Liedewij produced the LiliLite in small numbers in the past and got an overwhelming response from people all over the world. It went viral and because of that they couldn’t meet the demand anymore. To make the step to mass production they decided to start a crowdfunding campaign.”