Flat pen turns into bookmark

While there are already slim-style bookmark pens for sale, they are still relatively simple and not necessarily as user-friendly or multi-functional as they could be. This pair of products shows both the ‘real’ and the ‘possible’ in sharp relief.

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Other kinds of bookmark pens

The existing offerings from places like BookmarkPen are fairly flat (as thin as an eighth of an inch), with slight curves on the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ to keep the pen from marking up a page when you want it to work as a bookmark. They come with custom-printed lettering and a variety of color options, but they all work basically the same way and are not necessarily ergonomic to hold.

Bookmark concept pen

This concept pen by Steve Yang Che-Hsiao seeks to take the design type to the next level. A clip at one end helps keep the bookmark in place, but flips out of the way so you can fold out a three-dimensional triangular pen for writing purposes. The clip then flips into a new position to hold the pen shape open while it is in use.

How the bookmark pen works

As they say, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, so for now a would-be buyer of this more clever design either has to wait and wonder or break down and purchase the best available option for now. The one advantage the existing model seems to have over the proposed one: the various colors let these pens double as themed highlighters for those who like to keep notes by different types or themes. The question in this case becomes: is a product in the store worth two drawings on the board?

Unfortunately, like most concepts, this Bookmark Pen will probably forever remain a cool unrealized idea. If this clever product were to be mass-produced, would you be interested in buying one of your own?