curved waterfall wooden staircase This cascading set of stairs in a Mumbai home is a perfectly executed example of architecture that mirrors nature. The wooden treads flow and curve to resemble a peaceful frozen waterfall. curved tread waterfall staircase mumbai sculptural wooden curved treads staircase Designed by Mexican studio Arquitectura en Movimiento, the staircase is defined by continuous curved engineered walnut strips that connect the wall, the treads, and the floor without interruption. sculptural wooden staircase sculptural curved tread wooden staircase Near the bottom of the staircase, the treads are inverted U shapes, almost like raised benches on the floor. But as the stairs progress up, one end of the treads continues up to form the top portion of the staircase. walnut waterfall staircase The stairs are functional, but they are also very much like a large, striking sculpture in the middle of the home’s living area. The staircase is framed by a double-height window, and its airy design allows all of that natural light to filter further into the home. ribbon ceiling lit ribbon ceiling

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Elsewhere in this striking home, a ceiling that looks like woven ribbon dramatically echoes the curves of the unusual staircase. The entire home is defined by this central piece which serves as a visual anchor as well as a physical point of interest.