A brothel above, a prison cell below, but could you tell? These plan-view photographs-from-above are anything but shocking at first glance. In fact, the interior spaces they depict show decorating strategies we might expect to use in our own home … which makes it somewhat surprising to discover they show the insides of prison cells and brothel rooms.

Pics or it didn’t happen: by shooting aerial-style images from the ceiling down, Juergen Chill displaces our perspective enough to jog any preconceptions we might have about a room layout – he does not let us get comfortable in our assumptions by seeing bars or sex-worker signs before we enter.

While the jail inmate interiors do look a bit bare they seem larger than the typical dorm room and at least as comfortable (did you have a sink in your college space?), even with the gray tile floor and rather Spartan-looking beds hanging from a side wall. Then there are the desks with computers and other hallmarks of home – it would be difficult to tell that they were not simply the bedrooms of your neighbors, friends or family.

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As for the paid-sex spaces, well, these are even harder to identify as anything out of the ordinary. If anything, they are amazingly conventional – except when you see a piece of bondage gear here or there. Complete with nice decorative elements and color schemes that vary (though red is obviously a common theme).