Dreamer photo series

From childhood, we know that beds are supposed to be for sleeping … but that bouncing up and down on them can be much more fun (perhaps in part because it is so strictly forbidden). So what does that look like when you freeze time by taking a photograph of this frowned-upon activity? That is what this short series of pictures seeks to show.

Woman in blue dress

White walls, a bare mattress and a simple white sheet-and-pillow set make a fine foil for these photos – the poses of people in mid-bounce or perhaps mid-float become the focus, as well as the state of dishevelment in which the sheets and pillows end up in each shot.

Woman in yellow dress

Titled Dreamers, this small photo shoot by a series of German students is also, indirectly, a good reminder that a complex bed is no better than a minimalist one when you consider that the person sleeping (or playing) in it is the point of its design in the first place.

The concept is fairly simple, but to pull something off with end results that are as beautiful as this requires no small amount of talent and skill. You might swear that they’ve been Photoshopped, but they haven’t, says the designer. What you see is what was captured by the camera: a frozen split-second in time when someone seems to be levitating, going against what we know about gravity and the human body.

The results are beautiful, and one would hope that the artist continues with similar projects and themes in the future.

floating man

From Amine Nasseri:

“A photography project during my studies in the University Wiesbaden. With kindly Direction from Meike Becker-Lacour and Olaf Becker . The concept name was ‘Gravity’ and we must play creative with how gravity in visual media can be applicated. The Pictures are made without any Photoshop Collage or any Postproduction.”