Floating Platform Bed by Lago

Beds that actually float on air thanks to complex magnetic support systems are real — and incredibly expensive — but there’s a more accessible way to achieve a similar result. A pair of floating modern platform bed designs by Italian furniture manufacturer Lago feature mattresses that seem to hover, but are actually (just barely) supported by transparent elements or hidden posts. The Air platform bed, pictured above, is a patented design that looks lighter than air.

“The effect of the floating, ethereal Air bed is created by the absolute transparency of the extra-clear tempered glass that supports it. The bed seems to levitate off the ground, creating the feeling of sleeping in a cloud. The platform of the bed is suspended on four nearly invisible glass legs that give it a strong feeling of lightness. In all of its sizes, double, single and three-quarter, Air is an elegant, refined bed perfectly suited to any interior.”

Lago bed appears to float

Another bed design from Lago that appears to float on air is the Fluttua model, which is supported by a single post in the center.

“Fluttua is the first suspended bed in the world that challenges the force of gravity, making the dream of sleeping while floating in the air a reality. A single central support, the height of which can be adjusted, supports the frame and the innovative HPL base, which is invisible to the eye. The design aids cleanliness and hygiene, with no bulk outside the mattress and no rigid obstacles to limit the flow of the space in the room.”

Lago nest like bed  Lago cozy shawl bed

Like a cozy nest,  Lago’s Colletto Bed is designed to let you hide yourself instead of the bed, selectively flipping up or down the soft sides for extra leg room or a more comfortable, cozy and enclosed feeling.

Lago Beam Bed

Lago Beam Platform bed illuminated

The Beam Bed is another major attention-grabber with its circular arrangement of supports and central built-in light, producing a soft glow once you place your mattress on top.

Want to try your hand at building your own DIY modern platform bed? It’s easier than it sounds if you have at least a little bit of carpentry experience. This tutorial video will show you the whole process. And for some extra fun, check out hanging and swinging bed designs that will rock you to sleep.