Cozy interior designs by Amber Interiors

Interior designers come and go like fashion trends, often because they’re the proverbial “one-trick pony” that develops a particular style and never veers too far from it. Plus, people not only have vastly different tastes for the inside of their homes, but their aesthetic preferences can also vary from room to room. Amber Interiors embraces this diversity and incorporates it into every project.

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People Perception

Instead of evaluating a space based solely on its existing architecture and floor plans, Amber Interiors focuses on the people who occupy it. The studio’s concentration is residential design, but they also help plan and decorate boutique-style commercial spaces. Naturally, talking with clients about their unique wants and needs is the first step. This ensures that everyone is on the same page before consulting with architects and builders.

Cozy interior designs by Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis, the founder and CEO of Amber Interiors, said in an interview, “Although I like to look at my designs as my pieces of art, they are ultimately meant to be lived in and enjoyed by my clients.”

Amber Interiors mission statement promises a commitment “to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living in them. We turn houses into homes, and our California-inspired eclectic approach to design is ever-evolving and always inspired.”

The Basic Approach

Cozy interior designs by Amber Interiors

The Amber Interiors team drafts up multiple floor plans of every room in the house to ensure each client is getting the best possible use of their space. Once a floor plan is chosen, the designers work with the clients to choose the large pieces of furniture for the room, followed by the smaller pieces. When everything is arranged to the customer’s liking, the accessorizing begins.

The Importance of Evolution

Amber Lewis, the mastermind behind Amber Interiors

Lewis believes that evolution is key to successful and gratifying home decor. Her approach of starting with a blank canvas (white walls) and building on that with her clients’ personal tastes has gained her a faithful and continually-expanding following throughout the country. She’s also a big proponent of using found objects to put finishing touches on rooms and give them personalities that are entirely their own. Lewis insists that every space her company creates “feels cozy, eclectic, and unique.”

A Touch of Whimsy

Instead of identifying each project with client surnames, Lewis incorporates little comments on her customers and what makes each one special when naming her projects.

Cozy interior designs by Amber Interiors

Her list includes “Client Queen Of The Girl Bosses,” “Client Cool As A Cucumber,” “Client Freakin Fabulous,” “Client Holla At La Jolla,” “Dr. Clients Clients,” “Client Rad Trad,” “Client Double Thumbs Up,” “Client Of The Midcentury,” “Client Welcome To LA We Hope You Stay,” “Client For Reals The Nicest People On The Planet,” “Client Oh Hi Ojai,” “Client Black Houses Are The Best Houses,” “Client Greater Than Great,” “Client West Coast Is The Best Coast,” “Client Tupac Meets Biggie To Decorate The Diggies,” “Client What’s The Story Spanish Glory,” and “Client Canyon Cool.”

Words Of Wisdom

Cozy interior designs by Amber Interiors

If you aren’t currently flush enough to hire Amber Interiors to redo your space, take this sage advice from Lewis herself: “I always like to start with a neutral canvas when picking the main pieces in each room. For example, you would just never see me put a bright red sectional in a room — that’s a big piece and something that you have to live with for years to come. Don’t go crazy at first, you can definitely add character with additional accessories such as ottomans, pillows, rugs…”