When it comes to home interiors, people put some serious effort into making sure their décor schemes reflect their personalities. That’s why the most celebrated interior designers often have the gift of seeing people’s favorite qualities in themselves and incorporating them into every aspect of each room. This sampling of up-and-coming professionals reveals exactly the insights that have put them on the map.

Kelly Wearstler

An original interior design by Kelly Wearstler.

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Wearstler’s universal lifestyle brand combines original designs with urbane emotional qualities. She’s known for contrasting the unrefined with the sophisticated, bonding erudition and feisty impulsiveness, and blending furniture from several different time periods. Her portfolio consists of both extravagant hotels and majestic private homes, in places from the most opulent Beverly Hills neighborhoods to the far corners of the globe.

Studio Peregalli

An original interior design by Studio Peragalli.
If history infatuates you so deeply that you literally want to surround yourself with it, Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini, aka Studio Peregalli, might just be your new favorite interior designers. The pair gathers bits and pieces of choice memorabilia from various eras and enlists expert artists to bring everything together and pay tribute to the past in comfortable, spellbinding style.

Stephen Sills

An original interior design by Stephen Sills.
Using his vast understanding of design history and awesome perception of 21st-century needs, Sills is renowned for taking mundane spaces and converting them into ageless displays of cutting-edge modern design. Like an anthropologist uncovering ancient ruins, Sills studies the function, architecture, and history of the spaces he works on before planning out and executing his magic. One of his most notable projects was the renovation of the St. Regis New York.

Nate Berkus

An original interior design by Nate Burkus.
Over the years, Berkus has gone from a friendly and engaging TV host to a heavily sought-after interior designer for the rich and famous. He’s known for his affinity for neutral colors and his incorporation of tactile materials like wicker, leather, and linen into his décor schemes.

Jean-Louis Deniot

An original interior design by Jean-Louis Deniot.
If you feel like the only solution to your design dilemma would be actual magic, Jean-Louis Deniot is the man to call. Known for his spontaneous and ingenious ideas for transforming the mundane into the magnificent, his style can’t be described with simple adjectives like “simple” or “indulgent.” His inspiration seems to emanate from every complex niche of life while never losing focus on elegance, tranquility, and honesty.

Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman

An original interior design by Brockschmidt and Coleman.
The background of architects Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman gives them a sense of balance between space and content that’s imperative to good interior design. This artistic insight lets them artfully combine unique color schemes that are surprisingly appealing to look at. Their trained eyes also allow them to mix and match patterned wallpapers and fabrics to create roomscapes unlike any you’ve seen before — but can’t wait to see again.

Darryl Carter

An original interior design by Darryl Carter.
Attorneys becoming interior designers isn’t exactly commonplace, but Darryl Carter made that transition better than almost anyone else. His penchant for law and order comes through in his design projects, which are most commonly characterized by no-nonsense lines and orderly, minimal color schemes. Dark wood furniture, rich neutral fabrics, and reserved accessories against matte white walls scream sophisticated manliness.

Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller

An original interior design by Carrier and Company.
Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller are a married couple that creates unique interiors that perfectly balances modern and timeless design features. One of their rooms might reflect a no-holds-barred bohemian style, and the next be decked out in overt minimalism. Their combined tastes and talents yield décor schemes that are both welcoming and homey, with splashes of raw energy peppered throughout.