With tailgating season in full swing (and let’s be honest – for some people, that particular season is never over), our thoughts turn toward impromptu outdoor parties with friends. But for tailgaters who enjoy the finer things in life, the Woody mobile party trailer is the ultimate in weekend luxury.

Commissioned by Moore and Giles Leather and designed/built by Brad Ford, the beautiful one-of-a-kind creation has everything the upscale party-goer could want. The teardrop trailer has been outfitted in sleek leather, rich wood, oodles of style and a cocktail bar big enough to let you forget you’re partying outdoors.

Inside the trailer you’ll find a poker set just right for challenging your rich friends to some good old fashioned fun, along with a built-in Sony Blu-Ray player and Golden Ear speakers. The pull-out bar features space for storing up to 30 bottles as well as a tap for when only a keg will do. There’s no room to sleep in this camper, but that just gives you more time to throw elegant backyard soirees.

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This posh bar on wheels is not merely an exercise in decadence, however. It was built to tour the USA and then be auctioned off for the benefit of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids). The combination of the traditionally low-luxury pursuit of camping along with the upscale materials used in this project result in a remarkable piece of traveling craftsmanship that is truly unlike anything else.