Trying to fit everything into your home in an efficient and space-saving way can often be a tricky business — especially in this day and age, when space is such a a hot commodity. Every inch counts, and that’s why we rely on architects and designers to come up with innovative solutions to help take the hassle out of everyday life. Integrated household design company Henrybuilt is one such organization, casting its watchful eye over its clients’ living requirements to come up with tailor-made solutions for every room in their homes. From kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms, Henrybuilt prides itself on providing holistic answers to the daily questions of household living. Their new product, the Vertical Bar Block, is the latest string to their ever-expanding bow of domestic problem-solving.

Henrybuilt Vertical Bar Block Henrybuilt Vertical Bar Block

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Many kitchens that aren’t equipped with custom features from the get-go often end up with annoying pockets of unusable space. These “dead zones” most commonly occur between the fridge and the storage units or at the end of a counter. Thanks to Henrybuilt’s new Vertical Bar Block, these leftover spaces can be filled in and fully utilized. Of course, the ideal solution would be to integrate the bar block into a coherently designed kitchen from the outset, but this is not always possible. The Vertical Bar Block brings functionality back to those bothersome corners and small spaces that sometimes evade kitchen designers, and it’s an attractive-yet useful-product that ties the kitchen together to boot. The Vertical Bar Block is flexible in terms of positioning and can be inserted between existing units or just added on at the end of them. The entire unit is only six inches wide and is designed to align with the top of a fridge, allowing it to be positioned as necessary.

Henrybuilt Vertical Bar Block Henrybuilt Vertical Bar Block

Comprised of a system of open shelving that can be used to store anything from wine bottles to cups and decorative ornaments, the bar block also comes with three specially-designed cutting boards, which slot in and can be easily removed one at a time. The shelves themselves can be repositioned as required, allowing you to clear some space if you ever need to store bigger items. The shelves also come fitted with indents to hold wine bottles in place, so there’ll be no slipping and sliding! Wooden storage boxes that are made from the same material as the cutting boards can be pulled out from the bar block if you need to dig into them to get something or removed altogether. To top it all off, the bottom shelf of the bar block is great for storing baking trays, as it has a slightly higher opening than those above it, making the entire unit perfect for insertion beside the oven.

Henrybuilt Vertical Bar Block

Henrybuilt has also designed a Horizontal Bar Block, which can be used alongside the Vertical Bar Block for even more flexibility and storage space. This can be placed at either the top or bottom of the Vertical Bar Block and aligns with its ends for an aesthetically pleasing configuration, but it can just as easily be installed on an island or peninsula to provide more storage in the middle of the kitchen. Check out the rest of the products on Henrybuilt’s website to see all the ways your kitchen storage can be transformed.