Throughout history, large companies have infamously thrown away materials that could easily be rehomed and repurposed. But one of our favorite to upcycle and DIY into something beautiful is the simple wood pallet. Although there are hundreds of innovative ideas out there to choose from, we’ve singled out a few of our favorites for you to try at your own home:

Grow Your Own Garden

A DIY garden made from an old wooden pallet.

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Using a bunch of old wood pallets, you can create a flower bed that’s large enough to sit on your porch or small enough to slot into your garden between your existing succulents, flowers, and vegetables — anything your heart desires, really. This is ideal for those people who live in apartments with balconies, as it allows them to create planters that still leave space for other outdoor activities. Grow your own basil to spruce up your evening meals, or cultivate a mini strawberry garden to grow your own dessert. It’ll help you save money on groceries and give you a healthy hobby to enjoy during the warmer months!


A DIY headboard made from an old wood pallet.

Been endlessly scrolling through Pinterest looking at bedroom inspo all day? We know we certainly have, and we love that “old world” rustic aesthetic that’s currently dominating the millennial interior industry. Use the pallets as they are or give them a lick of paint to match your décor, place them behind your bed, and voila! An authentic, upcycled headboard that’ll help bring that earthy, bohemian vibe you’ve been going for to life. Just make sure to thoroughly wash them before bringing the outdoors in. After all, you don’t want any uninvited guests crawling around your mattress late at night.

Wood Pallet Radiator Cover

A DIY radiator cover made from an upcycled wood pallet.

This one’s an especially lovely idea for those who want to keep their humble abodes cozy but don’t want unsightly heaters or radiators spoiling the aesthetic. Large wood pallets can be used to cover these heating appliances simply by being turned on their sides. When oriented as such, they also double as shelving units, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.


DIY shelving made from wood pallets.

If you’ve already managed to bag yourself a couple wood pallets, why not get crafty with a saw and hammer and use them to design your own bookcase? Cut, carve, and slot together beams to create a statement piece for your library, living room, or office. Not only will it spark conversation among your guests, but it’ll also make for a proud and beautiful display of your hard work and ingenuity.

Sofas, Beds, and Sofa Beds

A DIY sofa bed made from upcycled wood pallets.

Most home DIYers who take on wood pallet projects tend to use them as foundations for homemade beds and other pieces of cushioned furniture. Because they’re so tough, using them to hold up mattresses and soft furnishings is actually a great way to save money on décor. Plus, you can always use the gaps in the slats for extra storage.

Compost Bin

A DIY compost bin made from wooden pallets.

If you couldn’t already tell, these multifunctional pieces of hardware can also be used for outdoor projects. It’ll take a while for them to weather, and since they’re formed from a natural material, they tend to look a lot more at home in the garden than large brightly-colored plastic containers. Simply nail five pallets together (or use zip ties) to form a compost bin that will efficiently ventilate the organic matter it holds.


A DIY workbench made from upcycled wood pallets.

If you’re an artist, inventor, mechanic, painter, model maker, gardener, or anyone else who needs a place where they can comfortably get messy, you should definitely consider using wood pallets to make yourself the perfect workbench. Use three fair-sized pallets to form the table and add shelves wherever necessary — it’s entirely yours to customize.

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