While urban farming seems like an innovative concept to many people, it’s actually been around for many centuries now, beginning with the Aztec civilization back in 1350. The practice continued with community gardens in the late 1800s, some of which consisted of nothing more than a few potato patches nuzzled into shallow ditches. It kept expanding through both World Wars with gardens on city rooftops, and today, it’s more popular than ever before.
One of the latest innovations in urban gardening is Growmore, a simple-to-build modular farming system designed by Husum & Lindholm Architects that can transform any urban space into a sustainable garden of vegetables and herbs.
Growmore - Husum & Lindholm Architects
The beauty of the system is the simplicity and versatility of its design. It consists of six plywood components, each of them comprising planting and shelving units and connected to the others by pivotal joints. Gardeners can easily move and rotate the structures to adapt to oddly-shaped spaces atop buildings, in backyards, or anywhere else that has enough natural light to grow green plants.
Growmore - Husum & Lindholm Architects Growing Sphere - Husum & Lindholm Architects
There’s even seating both in and outside of the structure, so city dwellers can sit back and enjoy a little piece of green heaven in the midst of urban commotion. In the chaos of any city scene, Growmore’s structure offers an oasis, a place to grab a moment of peaceful solitude in the midst of thriving and edible plant life. If several of these structures were to be nestled in urban environments, a new platform for socializing — and a welcome chance to commensurate with nature — could very well arise.
Growing Sphere - Husum & Lindholm Architects
To encourage the most widespread use possible, the designers and manufacturers throw in the schematics of the system at no additional cost. These simple construction plans enable garden enthusiasts to change the structure to meet their growing needs in terms of sunlight exposure, wind currents, and available space. A CNC machine makes component production easy.
Growmore - Husum & Lindholm Architects

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Husum & Lindholm unveiled the Growmore design during the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, an exhibition that showcases ideas and strategies for cities of the future. Another notable design by Husum & Lindholm is the “Growing Sphere,” a spherical green pavilion and a winning design entry at the 2016 Chart Art Fair. The Growing Sphere supports the life and growth of plants thanks to its overlapping slice design, which ensures that water and light reach the vegetation on each “slice” without disturbing the visitors inside.
With distribution on five continents, Growmore, Inc. is a major international manufacturer that specializes in producing a wide range of agricultural, horticultural, and specialty chemicals. When they’re not designing innovative gardening systems, Growmore’s staff of 3,500 capable agronomists, chemists, engineers, and field technicians are busy making a full line of water-soluble fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, biopesticides, amino acids, fertigation products, organic fertilizers, and micronutrients for residential and commercial gardeners. Their mission is to improve people’s lives with healthy, safe, superior products and solutions based on science and shatter the conception of traditional horticultural and agricultural product performance.