Tapehook: Sticky Tape-Shaped, Gravity-Defying Wall Hooks

Scotch Tape and Post-It Notes used adhesives to revolutionize everyday homes and offices – these ‘Tapehooks’ have tough competition, but are at least a compelling conceptual addition to the sticky-solution collection.

An on-the-side design idea from Torafu architects, the name says it all – take tape, turn it into a hook, and press it to the wall to hold keys, bracelets, rings, watches, odds and ends.

Yet something is missing – the clever twist that turned those first two concepts into household and corporate essentials: compact portability. One wants so badly to be able to pull off a piece of this hook tape from a roll like you would with other types of tapes …

… but unfortunately they have to be rigid, thus separately packaged and pre-stiffened. What would make this really fly off the shelves? Some self-hardening mechanism, allowing you to shape then wait  for the weight-carrying capacity to kick in. Still, could be fun to set these up with similarly-colorful tapes to confuse a visitor into believing you have found a new miraculously-strong tape variety.

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