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Packing up boxes for moving, mailing or storing can be a giant pain if you’re using those flimsy plastic packing tape dispensers. Unless you’re an expert at keeping the tape from sticking to itself and tearing off pieces one-handed, you’re probably familiar with the irritating qualities of those plastic dispensers.

Black & Blum, makers of all kinds of useful household things, has created a packing tape dispenser that is much easier to use and can even be used one-handed. The On a Roll dispenser is made of cast iron and weighs a hefty 2.3 pounds. Thanks to its creative cantilevered design, the tape unrolls easily and can be torn with a simple gesture.

The On a Roll will run you an eye-popping $43.50, which adds up to something like 9 of those flimsy plastic packing tape dispensers (or about 25 of regular household tape) – but it seems like the ease of use is worth the initial expenditure, and you’ll never have to replace it. Besides its usefulness, the On a Roll is a piece of clever design that manages to be a simple but beautiful piece of practical design that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to display on your desk.