Inspired by a combination of rhythmic regularity of computer punch cards and decorative whimsy of musical note scores, this modular system of wall hooks is designed to be more than just a minimalist storage surface – it is also an idea for animated a home or office wall in a new and interesting way.

Known for taking anything from large-scale contemporary architecture to small-space modern interior/furniture design and then adding his own unique twists, Jean Nouvel made this custom corrugated metal ‘wallpaper’ to perform a number of basic functional tasks: supporting works of art, filing cabinets, decorative shelves and so forth in a home or office setting.

However, there are some additional functions that go on behind the curtain (wall) – the hybrid recycled aluminum-and-glass surface provides a fire-resistant path during emergencies, functions as a sound-absorbing partition wall, and even helps to control indoor temperature and humidity through a series of hidden air-flow voids and built-in radiant heating and natural cooling systems. For something disguised as a simple way to hang your hat, this hook wall has a number of great secret functions.