Hook wall system in situ

Inspired by a combination of rhythmic regularity of computer punch cards and decorative whimsy of musical note scores, this modular system of wall hooks is designed to be more than just a minimalist storage surface – it is also an idea for animated a home or office wall in a new and interesting way.

Jean Nouvel's Hook System

Hook system with hanging components

Known for taking anything from large-scale contemporary architecture to small-space modern interior/furniture design and then adding his own unique twists, Jean Nouvel made this custom corrugated metal ‘wallpaper’ in collaboration with Methis to perform a number of basic functional tasks: supporting works of art, filing cabinets, decorative shelves and so forth in a home or office setting.

However, there are some additional functions that go on behind the curtain (wall) – the hybrid recycled aluminum-and-glass surface provides a fire-resistant path during emergencies, functions as a sound-absorbing partition wall, and even helps to control indoor temperature and humidity through a series of hidden air-flow voids and built-in radiant heating and natural cooling systems. For something disguised as a simple way to hang your hat, this hook wall storage system has a number of great secret functions.

Hook system in an office

“Hook is not merely a structural partition but a true, contemporary icon featuring an elegant, recognizable design that’s sufficient in itself to provide identity and visual impact to the entire office by cladding it with rational style,” says Methis. “The hook wall system proposes strictly simple formal and stylistic values inspired by the poetic essence of Jean Nouvel. The partition becomes a continuous wall, and the wall turns into a dynamic device that can be fitted with a whole range of doors, glazed elements and accessories, all specially designed by Jean Nouvel for comfortable living in the office. The wall is no longer just a merely passive, conventional partition, but an exclusive furnishing element for storing, filing, exhibiting, communicating and supporting.”

From Jean Nouvel himself:

“With Jean Nouvel’s Hook wall system, the partition becomes a continuous wall and the wall becomes a complete machine, one with endless possibilities, on which a varied range of different accessories can be hung, turning the contemporary office into a comfortable, liveable space. This is an efficient, safe construction system, for a sustainable environment.”