unbreakable stackable spill proof cup
When 11-year-old Chicago girl Lily Born noticed that her elderly grandfather often spilled his drinks, her creative mind immediately kicked into overdrive. Her grandfather has Parkinson’s, and like others who suffer from this or other tremor-inducing conditions, he has trouble keeping a cup steady when picking it up and setting it down.
kangaroo cup
stacking unbreakable kangaroo cup
Lily’s idea was the Kangaroo Cup, an unbreakable, spill-proof cup that is easy to hold, drink from, and set down. Its three legs suspend the cup itself a bit off of the surface, which makes coasters unnecessary. The legs also provide stability on uneven terrain. The Kangaroo cup makes a perfect picnic companion because it can sit right on the grass without tipping over.
kangaroo cup prototypes
The cup’s invention and refinement have gone through many stages that are familiar to any other inventor. Lily and her inventor father first made the cups from hand-molded plastic, then from clay at a ceramic studio. The ceramic versions couldn’t stack in the cabinet and were prone to breakage, so Lily turned to a team of designers and manufacturers to help the Kangaroo Cup really reach its potential. It has become a stackable, BPA-free cup that is unbreakable and comes in a variety of colors.
lily born

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The Kangaroo Cup’s first Kickstarter project was successful and allowed the team to produce the ceramic cups, but they went back to Kickstarter to fund the new, improved cups – and quickly surpassed their fundraising goal. The plastic cup is dishwasher and microwave proof and suitable for people of every age. Even if you don’t suffer from tremors, the cup is also great for kids who are too old for sippy cups but not quite old enough to drink from regular cups without tipping them over.