At 2.5 million dollars a piece one gets what one expects with this height-of-luxury super-sized and incredibly expensive mobile home manufacturer. “The entry steps are rare Inca marble bull nosed by Featherlite resident stone artist Patrick Paffour. The risers are hand-made glass tile with embedded copper. The ceiling and AV cabinet in the helm are covered with pearlized Italian leather while the veneer on the dash and steering wheel are sapele Pommele from Africa.” Source


And that isn’t all. Buy one and get your owned stocked liquor cabinet with expensive spirits, a place to store your sports car in the side and of course top of the line everything from telivisions and fixtures to appliances and materials. All in all this is anything but an affordable road-trip vehicle for for the posh ultra-rich on the move this motorhome provides all of the luxuries of even the most incredibly designed and finished condos.